Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maoist bloggers seek release of People’s March editor

T'PURAM: As the wait of arrested Maoist leader and People's March editor P Govindankutty for bail continues, the human rights activists standing for his cause have found unexpected support from different parts of the world.

The Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) strongly condemned the arrest of Govindankutty and demanded his immediate and unconditional release.

In a statement issued on pro-Maoist websites and blogs, the party `expressed solidarity to Indian comrades and to the people of India who are being subjected to state terror by the Government Of India'.

"The governments and the imperialists all over the world are trying to gag the progressive and revolutionary individuals, organisations and parties. They are trying to keep the people in the dark, to stop them from organising themselves and fighting back," said the statement issued by Chris Mais of the International bureau of CPG (ML).

The arrest of Govindankutty 33 days ago and his hunger strike in prison and medical college are hotly debated on blogs and websites.

The statement in www.aworldtowin.com, a hot site for the extreme leftists, also condemned the arrest of Govindankutty. It asked the government to allow People's March to resume publication in the country.

There are blogs like maoist resistance .blogspot.com, peoplemovementsupportgroup.blogspot.com and goodmorningrev. wordpress.com, which had also been debating the Govindankutty issue seriously. All information from the arrest to the progress of legal battle in the Kerala High Court are available on these sites.

"The support we receive from human rights activists across the globe is really soothening. We expect that the High Court would deliver an order that will uphold the human rights on Wednesday," said an activist who is part of the team that carries out the legal battle in defence of Govindankutty.


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