Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maoists for militant stir to get Telangana

  HYDERABAD: Maoists have called for building a militant movement for achieving statehood for Telangana, pointing out that all political parties were raking up the issue only with an eye on winning the next elections.

          In a hard-hitting statement issued here on Tuesday, the CPI (Maoist) spokesman in Andhra Pradesh, Janardhan, said political leaders from Telangana region were now being forced to speak in favour of carving out a separate State in view of the growing aspirations among the people of Telangana region.
          Janardhan accused the Congress of backstabbing the people of Telangana as it had supported the separate Telangana demand before elections and then abandoning it later. Telugu Desam Party leaders like T. Devender Goud, who had opposed the separate Telangana demand, were now too shedding 'crocodile tears.'
          The BJP, which had taken up the issue now, had conveniently forgotten the issue when it was in power at the Centre. Similarly, the TRS which had threatened to make all its elected representatives resign from their posts, was also not willing to tell people why it had kept quiet for past four years.

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