Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Left divided over Red Flag tag for Maoist

New Delhi, Jan 22 The increasing Naxalite violence and the 'approach' towards addressing Maoist extremism have divided the Left brigade with two of its major allies, the CPI(M) and the Forward Bloc, taking different views on the issue. While the CPI(M) underlines that the Maoists cannot be treated as Leftists, the Forward Bloc argues that the Left unity will not be possible by treating 'potential Left forces' as enemies.

The CPI(M) had decided to consider the various Marxist-Leninist (ML) outfits while deliberating upon the idea of 'Left unity'. But after Nandigram issue, in which the ML ganged up against the CPI(M), the recently released draft political resolution states that the Maoists still believes in armed struggle. The party had also alleged that they incited violence in Singur and Nandigram.

''We can't just ignore Maoists menace as a socio-political issue. They are killing our men even in West Bengal,'' a senior CPI(M) leader told FE. The political resolution has also categorically termed Maoists as 'anti-Left'. ''The Maoists cannot be treated in any manner as a Left force as they actually harm its movement,'' the resolution said.

But the Forward Bloc, who stridently opposed the CPI(M) on Nandigram, said the 'Left unity' cannot be strengthened without the 'ultra Lefts'. ''A narrow based unity of a couple of Left parties (considering their representation in the Parliament) will be unhelpful and inadequate. We cannot discard many of our outfits simply by branding them extremists or ultra-Left. It needs to give up the narrow partisan look,'' a document released ahead of the Forward Bloc's national council said.

''Forward Bloc is a different party and has different views. But we don't think eulogising the Maoists and other extremists will do any good,'' the senior CPI(M) leader added. The CPI(M), the leader said, will try to accommodate some major splinter groups of the ML movement in raising common issues. ''The Red Flag fraction of the ML had associated with us on a number of issues in Kerala,'' the leader added.


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