Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No safe zone in Andhra, Maoists warn leaders

HYDERABAD, OCTOBER 3: The CPI(Maoist) has in the latest edition of its mouthpiece People's March explained the reasons for the attack on former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Janardhan Reddy in Nellore district on September 8.
Claiming that it can still "deliver effective blows on the ruling class by adopting guerrilla warfare and executing plans with courage and determination", the outlawed Left wing party said Janardhan Reddy was "notorious for unleashing large-scale terror on the revolutionary masses" and held him responsible for the death of 400 revolutionaries. "He continues to be an important leader and is behind every fascist measure taken by the YSR Government," it observed.

The party admitted that the bid on the former Chief Minister's life was not an easy job. "It had to be executed on a plain terrain with hardly any cover to hide. It had to be executed according to the programme of the target and not at midnight, which is the most convenient time for the guerrillas to retreat safely," the extremists explained. The militant outfit lauded the "courage and determination" of its cadre who chose such a time and terrain to launch the attack, which it claimed "unnerved the police and the politicians most".

Sounding a warning to the police and politicians, it said "there is no safe zone" for the "reactionary forces". "Maoists can strike anywhere anytime. The Vakadu incident has shattered the myth that the Maoist movement is finished in Andhra," it claimed.

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