Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chhattisgarh cop arrested for killing a Maoist

A Chhattisgarh Armed Forces (CAF) constable was arrested Wednesday for killing a Maoist ultra in police custody, a police spokesman said.

Constable Shyamlal pumped two bullets into the body of dreaded Maoist militant Ramdhan or Dhanraj, a 'zonal commander' in Koriya district in northern Chhattisgarh, Tuesday at a police station in Ramgarh.

'The Maoist leader was picked up Sunday by police and the local court had sent him to police custody. Shyamlal who was posted at Ramgarh police station shot him dead Tuesday midnight during police captivity,' police spokesman Rajkumar Devangan told IANS by phone.

'The guilty constable was arrested Wednesday on murder charges,' he added.

The militant was wanted in about a dozen murder cases.

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