Friday, August 3, 2007

FARC and ELN united in operation

Author: FARC-EP and ELN

Tuesday, 24/07/2007

Like in 1999, today the FARC-EP and the ELN we followed together facing the narco terrorist punitive forces of the state that they look for to leave without bread the present and future generations. The victorious battles conducted jointly against the common enemy, imperialism-government-Para Military is example of unity of the guerrilla in the combat.

PART MILITARY: "the FARC-EP and the ELN unite their forces in the Catatumbo"

In front military Northeastern of the ELN and Column Resistance Bari FARC-EP

Army of National Liberation

The government army comes conducting a civic-military operation in the zone from catatumbo, fulfilling orders of the allied government and the narco paramilitary oligarchy to the empire. Everything with the objective to guarantee the expropriation and operation of the natural resources and to open passage to the macro projects of monocultures of multinational and imperial interest.

In such sense I exercise national but it seems I exercise of occupation that runs over, it sacks, it threatens, it moves, assassin and it disappears to humble settlers of the region, restricts free mobility, it blocks the food entrance, it carries out bombings and strafing on zones farmers and natives.

The legitimate and valiant answer of the town in arms in the last two months has been the following one:
Low known I exercise bourgeois enemy of the town.

Popular minings of defense (20), Died: 10, Hurt: 15, Harassments and shocks (17), Died: 9
Hurt: 12, Ambushes (1), Dead, hurt and disappeared: 20, between dead a helicopter pilot

Cars pump: (2) unemployment of the traffic to vehicular between convention-tarra and Ocaña-teorama by space of two days each one.

Armed propaganda and detents: 6 aserrio, san Pablo, tarra, cartagenita, Mira Flores, valve.
Sabotage to the oil infrastructure: 4 blasts to the pipe line sewer lemon and petroleum's of the north.
Total losses of the army in the operation *alacrán*: 66

The parts of dead and captured guerrillas presented/displayed by the commandos of brigades 15 and 30 the president, to the troops and the public opinion are false; the captured and dead are humble farmers of the region, inadvertent facts that are past, by the municipal and departmental authorities.

In our rows we have had 3 slightly wounded, 1 dead, two radios 2m and 1 lost gun.

The victorious battles conducted jointly against the common enemy, imperialism-government-Para military is example of unit of the guerrilla in the combat to the time that becomes a referring one for other regions of the country in the important search of the popular and insurgent unit.

We commemorated the 43 years of the invincible fight by La Paz and the socialism and inspired by develops anti colonial, anti-imperialist and anti oligarchic emancipator of our liberating parents. We ratified the persistence by the guerrilla unit, our combat summarizes the dignity dreams and hopes of the Colombians hasty and vilipendiados by its governors, this example of resistance it summons to the unit and it fights popular, including a the members of the troops and of police anointed of sacred love to Colombia and the town. By a new government and the great mother country that I inspire the heroic fights of the Simón liberator Bolivar, incontrovertible necessity of the generations of the present and the future.

In Bolivar we were all.
Mountains of Colombian nor-Orient.

In front military Northeastern ELN
Column resistance Bari FARC-EP

Julio of the 2007

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