Saturday, February 9, 2008

THE RED STAR, Nepal's National Magazine.

Subject: Fwd: The Red Star, Issue-3.pdf

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find the latest Issue of THE RED STAR, Nepal's National Magazine.

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The Red Star

Nepal's National Magazine

Kathmandu, Nepal.




Anonymous said...

long live marxism-léninism-toyotism!

Anonymous said...

Long live Chairman Prachanda !

I am a french militant, and i'm studying marxism-leninism-maoism with my youth organization: "jeunesse communiste marxiste léniniste". Our blog is

In my country, social-democrats, revisionnists and trotskists are everywere. With there, the french leftist have no stategy, there are prisonners of spontaneism and capitulation.

Maybe in the future we will build a real communist party in France?

Communist salute !


sushilsingh said...

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chandan said...

Thank you the people of Nepal for,

Saying no to the decadent leaders of Old Nepal
Believing in the party that has always struggled to raise consciousness
Saying enough is enough to the anti social elements
Allowing the winds of change to enter your homes and hearts
Having the courage to break old tradition and welcoming a fresh new state of mind
Laying the red carpet for a party that has the vision and dedication to bring about a Cultural Revolution that is so dearly needed in this country
Embracing a party whose leaders and supporters have so unselfishly dedicated their lives to end the pain and suffering of all Nepalis
Supporting the party that has sacrificed so much to make them understand that every man and woman is born equal no matter what caste, religion or region they might come from
Having put their trust in a party that openly dares to fight oppression, injustice and intolerance in all it’s forms
Making the right decision in allowing the people’s party to carve out the new Constitution of New Nepal
Proving to the world that you are the true citizens and that you have chosen your fate in your own special way
Sending shockwaves in all four directions making it quite clear that the People’s Party means business and it’s high time that concrete changes start happening in this beautiful country
Thank you for honoring the martyrs of the Civil War for their martyrdom has not gone to waste.