Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Close shave for jawans as Naxalites trigger landmine blast

BARIPADA (ORISSA): Eight policemen on Tuesday had a narrow escape when landmines planted by Naxalites exploded just after their vehicles passed the spot at Jamapani in Orissa's border with Jharkhand.

The explosion took place soon after the Special Operation Group jawans on four motor-cycles travelled along the place where the Naxalites had planted the landmines on the hilly road at Gorumahisani, Superintendent of Police Dayal Gangwar said.

The extremists present in the surrounding areas opened fire at the SOG personnel, after which the security men retaliated, triggering a gunbattle which continued for over half-an-hour, he said.

The exchange of fire stopped when the Naxalites escaped into Jharkhand. No security man suffered any injury in the gunbattle while it could not be ascertained if the ultras had suffered any casualty.

Combing operation and patrolling have been launched in the area to keep a tab on the movement of the Naxalites, he said.

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Anonymous said...

Another Chinese conspiracy to trouble India. Naxals claim the govt is unable to generate employment. But the most interesting part is that Naxals don't want youths to be self-employed. Who will hold their guns then? If cadres are not recruited how come the senior members will get fat money from their 'Chinese Bosses'.

'Naxalism movement' is a movement of hopeless people. It is as hollow as an election campaign. Naxals loot, womanize and spread terror. In what measure they can be equaled to a normal citizen who loves his/her own country?

The Second thing, Where from you are getting the costly firearms, uniforms and bullets? If you are interested to eradicate poverty use that money for charitable works. If the answer is ‘No’, then definitely you are not working for the poor, you claim. You are just shedding crocodile’s tears.
It is for sure that people are unhappy with the corrupt state police, but it doesn't mean that they are happy with you. Keep it in mind.

If you want to fight against corruption come to the main stream. Prove your candidature and fight elections. Suppose, Naxals controlled India like Nepal, then how will you manage administration with many years of 'jungle experience’? Don't you think there will be bloodshed aftermath?

Why, like religious missionaries Naxals too rush to the Tribal people and project themselves as their savior? Is it because they are innocent? Or they are the easy bait?

You see. China is a communist nation and Mao was born there. Then the question arises; Is China adhered to Maoist principles? If not, think why? They are making fools of you. After many decades of independence and Communist rule China has not been able to roost out economic divide. Why? Ask your Boss.
Then what change can Maoist movement bring to India? It will only worsen our social condition.

"Fools rush in where angels fear to Trade"