Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maoists give compensation to dead cadres' families

RANCHI: Under renewed attack from the Jharkhand government, Maoists are trying to match the establishment not only in fire power, but also in terms of 'social security'. Communist Party of India (Maoist) recently gave compensation to families of their cadres who died during anti-Naxal operation by the police.

According to sources, the compensation depends on the hierarchy. The families of some of the cadres killed during anti-Naxal operations in Latehar and Chatra areas were the first beneficiaries of the scheme, the sources said.

Jharkhand police spokes-person R K Mallik confirmed the introduction of compensation by Maoists.

"We have received information from different sources about the Maoists giving compensation to families of their cadres who lost their lives during anti-Naxal operation by police," said Mallik.

He said the Maoists were trying to implement the scheme in all the Naxal-infested districts of the state. Police said the compensation goes up to a couple of lakhs of rupees. It's not only compensation, but in some cases, the Maoists have also taken over the responsibility of school-going children of their dead cadres, the police said.

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