Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kerala Human rights activist flays police action

KOZHIKODE: Police are unleashing a reign of terror in the state in the name of fighting against the Maoist threat, said Varavara Rao, poet, human rights activist and founder leader of Revolutionary Writers Forum (Virasam) in Andhra Pradesh.

"The news from Kerala is disturbing. Govindan Kutty, the editor of People's March, is arrested. There was another move to arrest the human right activists and lawyers who went to see him in the jail.

I came to know that a team from Nandigram was taken into custody in the wee hours of Thursday. All these point to the dangerous situation of stifling the voices of dissent," Rao told this website's newspaper.

People's March is not the official organ of the CPIMaoist. It is the voice of Indian revolution. The charge that the magazine carried interviews of CPI (Maoist) general secretary Ganapathi is frivolous.

Even the mainstream dailies had carried his interviews, he said. "I would request the human rights activists to challenge the arrest in the court. Govindan Kutty himself should file a petition from jail," Rao said.

The team from Nandigram came to Kerala to narrate their experience to the people of the state which is ruled by the CPM.

"I don't understand why the team and Shyna, the activist of the People's Democratic Front of India who accompanied them, were arrested. Such moves should be condemned in the strongest possible terms," he said.

Rao, who acted as the emissary for talks between the Naxalites and the AP government, said police repression is unabated in Andhra.

"Yesterday also there was a fake encounter in Warrangal in which a leader of the CPIML (Prathigatana) was killed. AP police are going to states like Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Kerala to pick up Maoists.

They are immune to all laws of the civil society and do not bother to follow any accepted rules," he said.

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