Monday, January 21, 2008

Kamatapur Liberation Organisation Press Statement

Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO)
Manipur People's Liberation Front (MPLF)
Tripura People's Democratic Front (TPDF)
United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)
20 January 2008
India's 'Republic Day' celebrated every year on 26 January is the day India's constitution was
imposed on the peoples of our Region so as to 'legalise' their colonial occupation. Indian colonial
occupation of the Region completes 58 years this 26 January.
We have reiterated time and again that the destiny of the Region lies only in interdependent
unity and coexistence with sovereign independence among the fraternal peoples of the Region.
The imposed Indian constitution has undermined the basic unity of the Region by fragmenting
it on ethnic lines as part of their colonial policy of 'divide and rule'. Creation of 'tribes', 'castes',
'OBCs', etc. pitching them as contending opponents in the societies concerned for 'benefits' from
Indian government have created almost antagonistic contradictions among us. This has also
degraded the value of individual life. The Indian constitution has never been and can never be
our constitution.
However, we are pained to note that the liberation forces in the Region remain divided into two
lines, that is, those in 'ceasefire' and 'peace talk' process with India on one line, and those actively
continuing armed struggle against India on the other.
India's two-pronged strategy is to
suppress the armed struggles by massive military force on the one hand, and to destroy the
revolutionary character and organisational capability of those under 'ceasefire' and 'peace talk
process' by corrupting them with money and comfort. This is the 'Indian solution' to the conflict
situation in the Region. But we are confident that liberation forces of the Region will ultimately
emerge victorious.
We congratulate the freedom fighters and struggling peoples of the Region for their unrelenting
resistance against offensive after offensive of the Indian Occupation Forces for the last several
years. This has encouraged us to call upon those of our brothers now in 'ceasefire' and/or 'peace
talk' with
India to return to the path of armed struggle, the only path to our freedom and
independence. We firmly believe that only armed struggle and people's resistance against
Indian colonial occupation can forge the unity of our Region for a common future. At the same
time we would reiterate our stand for a satisfactory political and peaceful resolution of the
conflicts with
In the above spirit of unity and common struggle, this Solidarity Statement calls upon all the
freedom loving peoples of the Region to BOYCOTT India's Republic Day and also to prevent
any such celebrations from being held in our Region. In connection with the boycott a GENERAL
will be observed on
26 January 2008 from 1 am to 6 pm throughout the Region.
We appeal to all the patriotic organizations of the Region also to endorse this Solidarity
Statement and observe the Boycott and General Strike in their own capacity.

"Reject Indian Constitution!"

"Overthrow Indian Colonial Rule!"
20 January 2008


Jiban Singha


Kamatapur Liberation Organisation

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