Monday, January 14, 2008

Four news but all co-related..........




Let me start with the news about Forest Officials raiding one of the camps for illegal tree felling by the SPOs.It shouldn't come as surprise to many people since the leader of Salwa Judum Mahendra Karma himself is a timber-mafia as cases are still pending against him under "Maalik maqbooja" expose.
But what is worth noticing in the above news is that even the Forest Officials were scared to raid the SPO Camps.Such is the terror of SPOs in Chhattisgarh.

Other news says that a Sarpanch was burnt alive by the villagers near Suhela.This also shows that how the politicians have succeeded in dividing the village communities in Chhattisgarh.

The Sarpanch belonged to "Satnami" community.The "Satnamis" in Chhattisgarh have suddenly become blue eyed boys of both Congress and BJP.

Ajit Jogi who says he is a tribal but is a Satnami did special favours to this community when he was the CM and now BJP has announced Rs.50 crores for the construction of a huge 'Jaith Khamb' for the 'Satnami' community.All this for the "Satnami" vote bank.On the other hand Tribals of Bastar are made to run around even for a grant of few lacs for contruction of a small "Gondavana Bhavan".

With so many people running behind you its normal for an individual to feel above others.And here was a Sarpanch with criminal record.Now with the villagers saying that they killed a "Ravana" and that they have become "Ram" will the State BJP Government let them free???

The other news "No clues about suspected maoist" is really very sad.It says that a "Gondi" speaking person near Durg district was picked up by the police for being a naxalite only because he didn't know any other language expect for "Gondi".This is the state of the real people of Chhattisgarh.The mentality of the people in the urban areas is such that anybody coming from Bastar is looked upon with suspicion.On one hand Raman Singh is talking about development of the Tribals in Bastar and on the other hand he and his men are wasting no time in killing and ridiculing the indigenous people of Chhattisgarh.

The news from Tripura says that an innocent youth was killed by the army on suspect of being a terrorist.So whats new for people of Bastar?Everday some family in Bastar looses a son,daughter,father,mother due to the innocence of armed forces(CRPF),State Police,SPOs who feel all tribals living outside 'Salwa Judum' Camps are naxalites.

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