Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cut off Naxal supply chain: Centre

Statesman News Service
NEW DELHI, Dec. 15: With the increase in naxal activities and spreading of their network to populated areas, the Centre has asked states to make more concerted efforts and hit at the supply lifeline of naxal groups.

The main emphasis of security forces during anti-naxal operations in the country should be to cut the supply chain of left wing extremists and keep a check on their sympathisers and informers in towns, the Centre has told all naxal affected states.
At present, over 300 police stations are considered naxal-affected. However, the number is growing as the groups are spreading their network from remote towns to more popular and populated ones, intelligence agencies observed.

The analysis of naxal attacks carried out during the past two years suggests that they have built up strong information network in towns and are well versed with the planning of security forces, said an intelligence agency official. "They have also developed a strong supply chain for their logistical support, sometimes what they get in dense forests is not easily available in towns," he said.

Intelligence inputs have revealed that some of the naxal groups are equipped with self-defence equipment like bullet proof jackets and night vision gadgets, which was unimaginable even in the late nineties, the official pointed out.

It is important to attack naxal groups in two ways: by taking actions against those who are acting as sympathisers and informers and to crack down on those who are supplying arms, ammunition and other logistical support to these groups, the Centre has told states.

It has urged states to adopt a three-pronged strategy: gain confidence of local people by taking up more welfare related activities; build up infrastructure in naxal-affected areas and generate employment; and launch joint security operations with neighbouring states to eliminate left wing extremists.

The Statesman

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