Thursday, December 20, 2007

CBI files rape cases against CPM activists in Nandigram

NEW DELHI: The CBI has shattered the CPM's pretense of political morality by holding its activists responsible for rape and murder in Nandigram. The CBI has filed cases against CPM men for the alleged rape of a mother and her two daughters. The case concerns atrocities against women in Gokul Nagar village of Nandigram.

According to the FIR, the CPM activists forcibly entered the house of the woman on March 14. The activists allegedly raped the three victims over two days and laid siege to their house. The activists then demanded money from the victims for lifting the siege. The activists left only after the mother paid Rs 1,000. This case is also mentioned in the status report filed by the CBI before the Calcutta High Court. The other three cases have been registered against police officials and unknown persons for looting. One case relates to the failure of a policeman to register case even after a victim alleged rape by CPM goons on March 15.

The other two cases have been registered against unnamed persons who went on a looting spree on the day of police firing. These four cases were earlier registered by the West Bengal police but were later transferred to the CBI. The investigating agency has registered the cases again and will continue the investigations. All the four cases were registered by the CBI on December 15.

Till now the CBI has registered seven cases related to the Nandigram firing and ensuing violence. The accused in these cases include police officials, CPM activists and unknown persons. The CBI has told the Calcutta High Court in its status report that CPM workers dressed as policemen had fired at protesters, that witnesses were being threatened by CPM activists and that the authenticity of the medical reports handed over to the investigating agency was questionable.

The agency also alleged that a witness was beaten up for giving a statement to the agency sleuths. The agency has also questioned the police claim that only 57 rounds were fired and told the court that indications were that more rounds were fired. The CBI had submitted the status report on the investigations into the Nandigram police firing and violence in a sealed cover to the Calcutta High Court and had sought four months time for submitting the final report.

The court had granted the CBI two months time to submit the final report on the March 14 Nandigram police firing.

20 Dec, 2007, 0154 hrs IST,

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