Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Indian cops free pro-Nepal Maoist demonstrators after 27 hrs

Kantipur Report

NEW DELHI, Nov 20 - The Haryana state police in India Tuesday afternoon freed 18 members of the Maoist affiliated Jan Adhikar Surakshya Samiti (JASS), including its chief T. P. Pathak, who were arrested on Monday night.

When the JASS activists were staging sit-ins and corner meetings in different parts of India demanding the immediate implementation of the motions passed by Nepal's interim parliament seeking an immediate arrangement for a republic and a fully proportional representation system for CA elections, they were arrested.

When the agitators were going for dinner after the meeting, they were arrested by the police who came from Jind of Haryana, said Chairman of Delhi committee of the JASS, K P Pun.

They were under the custody of Jind district police.

"(The Indian police said) you are Nepali Maoists. Why did you hold a meeting here and what did you plan in the meeting," Pathak Kantipur after his release after almost 27-hour detention. "They have freed us after registering our details. They have said that we could be re-arrested any time."

Pathak added that the Indian police even confiscated their cell phone sets.

He further said that one of the Indian police officer told them that they were arrested following an order from the "higher-up" authority.

The JASS has been organising various campaigns in different parts of India to press for the enforcement of the motions in Nepal.


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