Monday, October 29, 2007

'Naxalism has increased in Country Alarmingly'

Mangalore, Oct 29: It was during 2004, that a total of 161 districts across the country were in the grip of Naxals. However, this number has increased to 200 now. Hence, it signifies that one third of the country is under the control of the Naxals. Therefore, the country is in dire need of such an economic plan where there lies no scope for Naxal ideologies, said Dr Devinder Sharma, chairperson of Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security, New Delhi.

He was delivering lecture on 'an inclusive model for growth,' at St Agnes College auditorium on Sunday October 28 evening.

The poor farmers in India are toiling in their fields from morning till evening. They deserve at least what a base-level government employee earns. Hence, it is advised to include the farmers under the 6th Pay Commission, in order to get the minimum wage, he urged.

"Agriculture is the backbone for Indian economy. But, 40 per cent of the farmers want to quit agricultural sector. Hence, there will be large scale migration of peasants from rural areas to urban area. It would lead to a biggest environmental displacement," he opined.

It is irony that despite several decades of green revolution, a farmer has not been able to earn Rs 2,000 per month. Meanwhile, the government is advancing loans to the industries at a cheaper rate. However, a farmer has to pay exorbitant interest for the loan he raises. This has contributed for the rich to become richer while poor remained poorer, he informed.

Speaking on creating employment opportunities in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), he said that when the Pepsi-cola entered the country in 80s, it promised to create 50 thousand jobs in India. But it has created only 970 jobs here. Hence, there is no guarantee that the SEZs will create more jobs for the youth. Moreover, it will segregate the country into their domains, he asserted.

The country has lots of potentials for the overall growth of economy. Let everybody be the partners of progress. Then only the 'inclusive growth' will have meaning in the country, appealed Dr Devinder Sharma.

M Maheshwar Rao, deputy commissioner of Dakshina Kannada was present on this occasion.

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