Saturday, October 20, 2007

Londan Group Backs Naxals

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MUMBAI: The London-based Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers has expressed concern at the two 'senior Naxalite' leaders being 'illegally detained and tortured in the police custody'.

The lawyers' body has also written to Susan Abraham, Vernon's wife, underscoring the need for a concerted effort for facilitating the release of the two 'ultra-left cadre'.

In its October 9 annual general meeting, the society passed a motion, dubbing the arrests as 'targeted intimidation' by the police. In fact, local civil liberties groups and human rights bodies have also been crying foul over the 'illegal detention' of the two 'Naxalites'.

But officers of the state anti-Naxalite operations unit and Director General of Police PS Pasricha still assert that the arrests of the Naxalite ideologues were indeed significant.
The DGP maintains that the operation to nab the Naxalite leaders was meticulously planned and lasted over 22 days before the Anti-Terrorism Squad finally picked them up. Cops had all along alleged the duo had been waging a "proxy war" against the nation.

However, strongly refuting claims made by the Maharashtra ATS, Vernon's wife Susan Abraham pointed to discrepancies in the police versions offered, so far.

She argued that the police have goofed up and the cops were wrong in specifying even the place where his husband was arrested from. "It is ridiculous that the cops showed them as arrested from Govandi when in fact they were not picked up from that place at all," Susan said.

Susan has also moved Bombay High Court challenging the continued police remand and illegal arrest of Vernon and Sridhar.

Police records showed cases against Vernon and Sridhar, including an attempt to ambush a police patrol party and an extortion charge. "But it is untrue that the police have at least 100 cases against them," says Susan

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