Monday, September 17, 2007

Don’t brand me a Naxal sympathiser, says Nagathihalli

Monday September 17 2007 10:44 IST


TUMKUR: Noted director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar was termed a naxal sympathiser during an interactive session on his latest movie 'Mathad Mathadu Mallige' at Vidyodaya Law College here on Sunday.

A freelance writer Sanjay alleged that Nagathihalli had projected MNCs as more dangerous than Naxals, thus indirectly sympathizing with the Naxals. He felt that the director should have understood that Naxalism was not the remedy to weed out corrupt system.

Nagathihalli said that his movie had depicted 'reality'. He added that he felt immensely happy at having directed a film which is anti-establishment.

He explained that he faced several obstacles while making the movie as it speaks about the 'unscientific policies' of the government.

''I hope the government does not brand me a Naxal sympathiser,'' he replied to a query. District farmers' leader Govindaraju appreciated the experiment of the director for picking up a relevant issue as rampant exploitation of natural resources in the name of mining is spoiling the lives of the rural populace.

Nagathihalli observed that politicians who had been minting money in the transfers of the government officials, are now looking for new sources of corruption.

''After the iron ore mining, the politicians may obtain licence to exploit other natural resources such as diamonds which are said to have been found near Chitradurga.

Hence the movie has its relevance for future. The film will continue to motivate people to fight against the system'', he said. Socialist leader turned cine actor Hanumantha Gowda charged the State government of remaining a mute spectator to the over exploitation of natural resources. Producer K Manju said that he had not felt let down by the initial failure of the movie as he was happy to produce a movie which had a social message

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