Saturday, September 15, 2007

Donations and Subscriptions for People's March


Dear friends,

People's March is a magazine which unconditionally stands on the side of the oppressed masses of the country. It is priced below its cost of production. Its survival depends on the support and sales proceeds we get from its distribution. The magazine can survive only if those interested in the revolutionary views expressed in People's March pay for the magazine, propagate it among friends and if possible, give a regular donation.

The English edition of the magazine undoubtedly goes primarily among middle classes who have knowledge of this language. The magazine is priced well below the price of commercial magazines. Our readers will bear in mind that the price is a pittance for a monthly magazine. We are trying, in extremely adverse circumstances, to bring before our readers the view point of the revolutionary movement in India and the life and death struggles of the oppressed masses. There is a political tradition in India when those interested have foregone meals and basic necessities to buy such magazine and build support for them. In this age of consumerism we need to revive this tradition and take it forward.

Serious political/ideological thought is a fundamental need for the success of any revolution. This must not remain confined in limited circles but need to be carried deep amongst the masses, primarily amongst its advanced sections. The weapon for this is the magazine and other revolutionary literature.

We have attempted to bring out People's March in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil and Malayalam. Again the problem is with funds as any legal magazines has to account for its expenditures by income and receipts. This can be achieved only through people's contributions.

We do hope you will positively respond to this APPEAL and immediately respond by clearing all back dues and sending in sizable donations. Your active support is essential for the future of People's March. Looking forward to greater cooperation in the future.

Please note my SB A/c number is changed.

SB A/c No: 0549 0100 0174 ICICI bank. Pallath Govindan kutty.

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March


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