Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ranveer Sena goons training children in using fire arms in gunda raj Bihar.

Ranvir sena is a private army of upper-caste landowners and is known to be operating in central Bihar.

Sena came into existence primarily to counter the influence of various Maoist/ Naxalite, parties in central Bihar. It was founded in September 1994 in Belaur village of Udwantnagar block, Bhojpur district following the merger of private caste armies like Savarna Liberation Army and the Sunlight Sena.

The forerunners to the Ranvir Sena in Bhojpur district were the Brahmarshi Sena and Kuer Sena, Kisan Morcha and Ganga Sena.This group is responsible for the murder of hundreds of people.

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