Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hunt still on for absconding naxalites

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K.T. Sangameswaran

Police teams fan out to places outside State

CHENNAI: Police teams have fanned out to places outside the State as the hunt for absconding naxalites continues. Simultaneously, efforts to identify the origin of weapons seized from those arrested in the wake of the aborted attempt to start an arms training camp near Periyakulam is continuing, a senior police officer said.

The police expected to get more information once the accused were taken into custody. A petition seeking police custody of one of those arrested, Karthi, a close associate of CPI (ML) State secretary Sundaramoorthy, is pending before a Periyakulam court.

The 'Q' Branch is continuing its hunt and the STF's combing operations in the hill ranges is continuing, the officer said.

Weapons' origin unknown

It was on the information provided by Karthi that the police seized a .315 rifle from Pallipattu in Tiruvallur district. The origin of the weapon and three other .303 rifles, which are usually given to the police, was not yet known. The rifles were seized following the arrest of three persons soon after an arms training camp was detected at Murugan Malai, near Periyakulam.

The police had informed other States, particularly those where there is naxalite activity, such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh, about the seizure of the weapons. Enquiries in Tamil Nadu revealed that the weapons did not belong to the State police. Besides being on the look out for the wanted persons in Tamil Nadu, police officers were making enquiries about them in other States. Also, the police were on the look out for those who supported the wanted persons.


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