Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bhagalpur cops axed for ‘inhumane’ act

Bhagalpur, Aug. 30: The now infamous Bhagalpur policemen, who tied an alleged thief to a bike and dragged him along the road, were dismissed today.

Assistant inspector of police Rambalak Singh and constable Ramchandar Rai, posted in Nathnagar police station, were earlier suspended for their inhumane treatment of "chain snatcher" Aurangzeb (22).

The superintendent of Bhagalpur police, J.S. Ganwar, said the dismissal came today after it was established that the duo were "guilty of inhumane acts".

The deputy inspector-general of police, Bhagalpur range, G.N. Sharma, ordered the dismissal of the assistant inspector while Ganwar ordered the dismissal of the constable.

Meanwhile, the CPI(ML) has called for a dusk-to-dawn Bhagalpur bandh tomorrow to protest against the incident. The party today organised meetings in street corners.

Former CPI(ML) MP Rameshwar Prasad said mainstream opposition parties, including the RJD and the Congress, have extended support to tomorrow's bandh.

RJD functionaries alleged that the law and order situation in Bihar has worsened during the tenure of Nitish Kumar. The police today arrested 6 activists of a students' association when they tried to burn the effigy of chief minister Nitish Kumar. The law-enforcers also prevented RJD activists from taking out a protest.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior BJP functionary said: "The state party unit has informed us that the police have been instructed to curb such (protest) activities. They have also suggested that we do not create any nuisance on the streets."

Aurangzeb, a rickshaw-puller, was on Monday kicked and beaten up by some people and then tied to a bike a dragged after a woman alleged that he stole her gold chain. The chain was allegedly found on the youth.

The protests had began yesterday in Bhagalpur. A mob had beat up some people to protest against the treatment meted out to Aurangzeb.

Officials had described the situation as tense because rumours were being spread. "We have appealed to the people not to listen to rumours and to identify rumourmongers," district magistrate Vipin Kumar said.


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